The optometrists and staff at The Eyewear Shop.

Stuart Macfarlane

After graduating from the Queensland University of Technology in 1983, Stuart subsequently obtained a distinction in Ocular Therapeutics from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. In 2004 Stuart was in the inaugural group of Queensland optometrists to complete post-graduate therapeutic certification which allows him to write prescriptions for eye-drops such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for the treatment of ocular conditions such as allergy and conjunctivitis. A member of the Contact Lens Society of Australia, until 2010 he was a board member of the Optometrists Board of Queensland and subsequently a panel member of the Optometry Board of Australia. Since 2012 he has been a panel member of the national Professional Services Review (PSR) and was appointed a panel member of the Determining Authority in 2017. He is particularly interested in maintaining your eye health and ensuring the best fit for your eyewear needs.

Geraldine Reed

Geraldine graduated in Optometry at the Queensland University of Technology in 2000. After working in city and rural practices she joned They Eyewear Shop group in 2004. She has been involved in the mentoring program for undergraduate students from QUT and supports the district with community talks on eye-care. After completing her therapeutic post-graduate certification in 2007, Geraldine is able to prescribe eyedrops. Her special interests include diseases of the eye, children's vision and contact lenses and she participates in the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital (LCCH) Eye Clinic's Paediatric Optometry Alignment Pilot Program. She has two primary school aged children.

Minh Nguyen

After graduating with a Masters of Optometry to add to her Bachelor's of Vision Science in 2015, Minh volunteered her optometry services in rural Western Australia and was selected to do part of her optometry placement in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Minh enjoys all aspects of Optometry including ocular disease, contact lenses, and children's vision having partaken in numerous school vision screenings. Minh is therapeutically endorsed and able to write prescriptions for eyedrops. 


Paula Katahanas

Paula just loves fashion and matching eyewear with people to suit their personality and looks. But it's not all just about the fashion. She also has over a decade's experience in optics and is the corner stone of the practice.


Stacy Duysen

Stacy graduated from The University of Wyoming and has been working in the optical industry since 1998.  She worked in both corporate and private optometry in America before moving with her family to Australia in 2007.  She has extensive industry knowledge and is passionate about helping people find the perfect pair of glasses that meet both their fashion and functional needs.

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