Cataracts are the yellowing of the natural crystalline lens of our eyes that can be caused by ageing, trauma, medications or sun damage. With time, our vision will begin to blur, and contrast will become poorer because of the developing cataract. Cataracts take years to progress and almost always affect both eyes at a similar rate. Cataracts typically begin to cause issues around 65-75 years of age, however, family history, sun exposure and medications can mean the age of onset is earlier for some people. 

Cataracts are a result of the natural crystalline proteins within our lens becoming opaque over time. The lens becomes less clear resulting in reduced colour perception and clarity. Symptoms can also include glare when driving at night and sensitivity to light during the day.

Cataracts often cause alterations to your glasses prescription and ultimately require removal when your vision with glasses cannot be improved. At this stage, referral to an ophthalmologist is appropriate to extract the cataract. The surgery is a routine day procedure with 1 eye operated on at a time. When the cataract is removed, it is replaced with a plastic implant. Often this implant will neutralise and stabilise your prescription, meaning you will only require reading glasses, without requiring glasses for driving and long-distance vision.

Some time after surgery, a small amount of haziness can return to the back surface of the implant. This can easily be polished away by your ophthalmologist within their consulting rooms and does not require a secondary surgery.

Cataracts are an extremely normal part of the ageing process and treatment by day surgery is very routine. If you feel that your vision is becoming affected by cataract, please make a time for a consultation with your local optometrist here at The Eyewear Shop.

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