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Contact lenses provide freedom, flexibility and are a great way to change up your look! They provide a full field of unobstructed vision allowing you to take on new activities with crisp vision. The advances in technology have meant that nearly all spectacle wearers have a suitable contact lens alternative available to them. Many people are apprehensive that contact lenses are difficult to use or are uncomfortable. Our optometrist can provide you with in-depth education and training to ensure you are wearing your contact lenses appropriately. The comfort of contact lenses has improved in leaps and bounds. Particularly, daily disposable contact lenses are extremely thin and breathable, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. The most common wearing methods are daily, fortnightly and monthly disposables.

Daily disposables are the most convenient, hygienic and comfortable option. This is because the materials they are constructed from are extremely breathable to allow oxygen flow to the eye. By disposing of the lens after 1 wear, you are significantly reducing the risk of infection. Daily disposable lenses are available in a wide variety prescriptions. They offer great flexibility for people who only want to wear contact lenses 1-3 days/week such as for sport, socialising or if you like to mix up your look with glasses!

Fortnightly and monthly contact lenses offer a more extensive range of prescriptions and are more suited to those who would prefer to wear contact lenses all day, every day! Whilst we still recommend resting your eyes at night, these lenses can be worn comfortably for 14 (fortnightly) to 30 (monthly) days.

If you currently wear contact lenses, The Eyewear Shop offers a wide choice of lenses. And if you’re considering trying contact lenses for the first time, our optometrist can recommend the best solution for you based on your prescription and lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now and make an appointment to discover the world through contact lenses.

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