AM Eyewear EDSON

AM Eyewear EDSON



Edson features a shallow rectangular-like shape with diamond-like cut edges, giving it a distinct, famous appearance. This bold and confident sunglass, designed in Australia, is a statement piece that exudes style and sophistication. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a high-fashion look with a touch of audacity.

Founded in Australia during 2003, AM Eyewear established an artisan approach to crafting exceptional eyewear – upscale daily staples for the fashion-conscious. Over the last 18 years, AM has matured into a global lifestyle brand. Each set of frames forms as an extension of a person; a personality with soul, and a life well beyond a mere fashion item. Born out of a fanatical love of old school frames that were difficult to find in Australia, AM Eyewear has grown rapidly from a cheeky young upstart into a cult brand respected around the globe. Drawing on our Australian Made namesake, AM’s mission to create beautiful and exceptional eyewear soon matured into a global wholesale company with leading optical and fashion stockists worldwide. Handcrafted in Italy and Japan, using a combination of Titanium plated with real Gold and Acetates from Japan and Italy, AM Eyewear sunglasses are fitted with co-branded nylon Carl Zeiss lenses and Gold ET AR back coating. Designed by hand using traditional methods, each step in the manifestation of a frame uses processes passed on by master artisans, combined with the latest in eyewear technology, but only ever truly complete once they are worn. With so much effort going into the design and manufacture of every frame, we choose to dedicate every design to the person who has inspired it.

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