Nina Mûr

Nina Mur

In 2018, Lorena Serrano launched Nina Mûr eyewear, a sustainable eyewear brand that does not sacrifice creativity, design or innovation. Initially known as Nina Quiche, Loren’s alter-ego, the brand evolved and matured into present day as, Nina Mûr. Unparalleled precision and cutting-edge technique enable Nina Mur to design and finish each pair of eyeglasses by hand. Working in a small workshop in Madrid allows her creative freedom over every step of production and the ability to innovate unique models and limited-edition pieces. It’s a labour intensive and time-consuming process that takes around 40 hours to create one pair of spectacles. Nina Mûr have innovated and created their own plywood with thin, flexible, and resistant laminates from Finnish birch wood. The plywood is curved then pressed for over 20 hours allowing it to be adjustable and durable. Computer numerical control systems with their own programmed software is used to guarantee precision, quality, and control. Nina Mûr draws inspiration from art, design, architecture, and fashion such as the Memphis movement, deconstructivists architecture, Cubism or Barroco. Limited edition pieces include collaborations with museums, artists, and designers. One pair of eyeglasses is a fusion of different artistic disciplines that blur the line between fashion and home décor. Nina Mûr is about connecting with people through products with soul and an authentic story.

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