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When french style is a state of mind. This french legacy epitomes Parisian effortless style and artisan-ship. Established in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain the french heritage brand embodies dynamism and excellence while portraying a relaxed comfort and elegance. Inspired by the brands notable Le Pliage, the eye-wear collection winks at its Japan inspired past but maintains its french heritage with bold colours and innovative shapes and designs.

Maui Jim

The Hawaiian Ka’anapali beach is the birthplace of Maui Jim. Like us here in the sunshine state Maui Jim take their cues from the sun. They are focused on finding new ways to reveal more of the vibrant colours of the world while protecting your eyes from the effects of harsh glare and harmful rays. Maui Jim offers five lens materials and four lens colours ensuring they have the perfect lens to help bring vibrant, brilliant colours to life no matter the environment.

Ray Ban

Destination everywhere. After making their name with the iconic aviator over 80 years ago Ray-Ban focuses on timeless styles, authenticity and freedom of expression. Combining generations of sun and prescription eye-wear technology with their iconic styles each pair is produced to the wearers unique needs and is authentically Ray Ban - right down to the stamp. Giving every wearer their own seamless style.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu is an Italian high fashion women's brand for the discerning fashion-conscious woman. Named after the founder Miuccia Prada's childhood nickname, it has become synonymous with sophisticated yet uncomplicated style. Founded in 1993 and a fully owned subsidiary of Prada, it is headquartered in Milan, Italy. The Miu Miu Eyewear Collection is cultured & stylish, with a quintessential Italian flair. The Miu Miu woman seeks a sense of high fashion yet with an uncomplicated and classic chic elegance.

Dolce & Gabbana

Established in 1985, by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Dolce&Gabbana is a leading international fashion and luxury goods house headquartered in Milan. It prides itself on its strongly distinctive style, based on artisan sartorial tradition and Mediterranean culture of Italy. The Dolce&Gabbana woman is cosmopolitan and conveys luxury, while being authentic and unconventional. Dolce&Gabbana is a brand whose essence lies in its unique and contrasting features. The strong identity of the Dolce&Gabbana brand has evolved over the years without ever forgetting its roots. An unmistakable style, which, season after season, combines modern classic pieces and strong innovation with the Mediterranean flavour of its origins, to produce a style that expresses new forms of elegance.

Jono Hennessy

Jonathan (Jono) Hennessy Sceats started designing eyewear over 30 years ago when he inherited a box of 1950's cats eye frames from his father, CH Filmer Sceats, who opened the first optometrist in Australia's capital in 1925. In the 1980's Jono's creative flair caused an innovation in the optical industry with his label Jonathan Sceats. With a passion for change, superior craftsmanship, and a distinctive culture rooted in Sydney and fashion eyewear, Jonathan Sceats became the number one eyewear brand in Australia. Jono's major influences are art, nature, fashion and design. Careful attention is paid to each aspect of the fit and balance of the frame. The collections include a range of styles from timeless, intellectual pieces to progressive, trendsetting fashion designs. His new range, JONO HENNESSY was released in Silmo in 2007 and exudes his same distinctive signature style. He uses innovative new materials as an excellent example of Australian design that combines quality materials and precision production with personal innovation. Not only is the style original, the fit is exemplary, and you will look and feel fabulous in this fashion forward brand.

Carter Bond

Carter Bond is an exciting new brand created by Australian eyewear icon Jonathan Hennessy Sceats. Released in 2009 and inspired from his time spent in London in the early 80's, Carter Bond combines architectural and industrial elements with the use of natural wood and metal features. Dedicated to superior comfort and fit, the new dipped plywood look exudes urban style with relaxed comfort. With incredible design, Carter Bond is made with high quality materials and cutting-edge technology. Classic with a modern twist, Carter Bond will satisfy the taste of every discriminating fashionista. Every frame has its own attitude and personality which makes it a brand for every person.


Kaleos Eye-hunters has reinvented glasses from eye-wear to fashion accessory by combining design, fashion and luxury. Under the guidance of creative director Claudia Brotons the brand focuses on bringing eclectic designs to market; transcending trends and setting style. Each style takes over a year and half to complete, moulded by hand and assembled in collaboration. This attention to detail and quality has given the brand it’s exclusive "Savoir Faire”.  

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Xavier Garcia

With strong roots in its native city of Barcelona, Xavier Garcia seeks to bring fun, bold and non conformist ideals to eye-wear. Inspired by shapes, colours and the movement of urban Barcelona designer Xavier Garcia creates eminently comfortable eye-wear, adaptable to urban lifestyles with a strong bold attitude. Working to create every piece as a work of art each unmistakably sure to turn heads

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Roger Eye Design

Simple shapes put into an exciting frame. Originated by dutch optician Roger Hoppenbrouwers in 2007, Roger Eye Design is a simple solution for a creative mind. This leading dutch brand saw the need for progressive sizing and an opportunity to create easy fashionable eye-wear with high quality materials using the newest techniques available. Ever developing with trends and achieving a fashion for every face.



Use less, give back and explore more. A simple mantra for a brand focussed building high quality eyewear for people who live for outdoor adventure. Their commitment to the environment starts with their plant based materials, this allows them to recycle or reuse all excess materials in their zero waste lab. Give back, from planting trees to supporting both individuals and organisations that are committed to sustainability and preservation, Zeal works to keep their promise by finding new ways to give back. Built for life outdoors Zeal has emphasised sunglass technology, working to enhance the wearers time outdoors they have combined photochromic technology and polarised protection while maintaining durability and versatility.

Calvin Klein

Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein is the original american fashion house. The Calvin Klein collection exemplifies a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic by using bold, structurally modern shapes and clean eloquent designs. Its distinctive colour palette expresses the brands roots in Americana but its design continues to push forward towards the modern provocateur.


Tested Tough. Established in 1938 based in Portland, Oregon located in a region famous for its majestic forests, volcanic mountains and rugged coast line. Under the guidance of their "tough mother” Gert Boyle, Columbia has become a world leader in outdoor technology. This innovation has translated into their eye-wear. This pacific northwestern brand is well equipped in protecting its wearers. 


With their mission being to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world, Nike continues its already extensive range of sport shoes, apparel and equipment into eye-wear. Believing that if you have a body you are an athlete means they have continued their vast approach into their range. Catering to those with more of an everyday approach to intense athletic sporting goals. Nike has assembled an eye wear range with style, performance and comfort.

 Ronit Furst

Ronit Furst

Ronit Furst eyewear is designed to look different from every angle, with fine detail and tiny embellishments, graduated color schemes and asymmetric designs. The ethos of the range is to create quirky ,individual styles that capture the wearer's personality.

Each one of the Ronit Furst frames is hand painted. This is what gives them the freedom to produce almost every pattern and color combination that we (or rather Ronit) can imagine. Looking closely one can actually see the paintbrush strokes and the texture of the paint, just like a painting on canvas. 

 STEM Eyewear

STEM Eyewear

STEM's philosophy is to create eyewear from natural renewable materials. Their range of handmade Italian inspired optical frames are made from acetate combined with wood veneer and strong metal temples. These upbeat fashion-forward frames provide the perfect accessory to those looking for comfort and style with added personality. The range has a vintage feel reminiscent of the 1950's old school Hollywood vibe. 

Lightec Eyewear

Lightec eyewear is manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel for lightness and flexibility. Fitted with a robust, exclusive, double-action spring-hinge, they are a screwless design for peace of mind. Lightec features eyewear for men and women looking for minimalist frames that are immediately comfortable.


 Koali Eyewear

The name Koali comes from a Hawaiian plant and is aimed at the confident urban female aged 30 and older—a woman who is feminine and proud of it.  She likes things to be decorative, and is ever on the lookout for the "designer” spirit, and a unique, ornamental product which allows her to assert her personality and stand boldly apart from "couture” labels. 



binôche is a Belgian brand that prides itself on its roots. The collections are designed in Antwerp and manufactured in France and Italy. By working closely with their production companies and sharing know-how, expertise and vision binôche create frames that are as unique as the people who wear them. This year they celebrate twenty years of creating revealing eye-catchers. The fact that they can be put together in a myriad of ways, and can take on endless possibilities in shapes and sizes, is what makes  binôche different.  Every new collection, opens up new ways of framing beauty. 

 Anne et Valentin

Anne et Valentin 

Over 15 years ago in Toulouse, France,  Anne et Valentin opened an optical shop together.  They had a passion for hand selected unique frames. This enthusiasm led to the development of their own brand of eyewear, which not only flatters and complements but expresses the personality of its wearer.  Anne et Valentin frames are spontaneous yet meticulously crafted from a mix of geometric shapes, with brilliant colours and materials.  Anne et Valentin cultivates the individual in every crafty, serious, self-confident, and free-spirited person.

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